Paddle for Parkinsons

Hi, I am Frank, and I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s a little more than a year ago. This summer I am going to Paddle for Parkinsons because Parkinson’s has given me a gift and turned the concept of “Eventually” into the reality of now. I like kayaking and like most kayakers I have that “Eventually I will do a real kayak adventure” thought in my mind. This has become, I am paddling the Shannon from source to sea this summer. From June 28th to July 7th, I will paddle from Dowra to Tarbert. This is Paddle4Parkinsons.


Parkinson’s Ireland is a national organisation with a local focus. There are branches throughout the country providing support for the Parkinson’s community by providing them with tools to manage the effect Parkinson’s has on their day-to-day lives.

Paddle4Parkinsons is designed to help in two ways. The first way to help create awareness of Parkinson’s Ireland and what they do. Follow the link at the top left to get a better picture than I can ever tell.

The other way to help is to fundraise. Please follow the Donate Link to get involved or simply donate.

Payzone has given us access to a system that will allow all of us to run a fundraiser and link in with Paddle4Parkinsons.